Our Plan is to integrate Our POS System into all Cannabis Dispensaries & Smoke shops !

This will allow Businesses to Receive UNIV using our wallet! This will be convenient because it will be much faster Transactions as well as them being much Cheaper !

Our wallet will allow consumers to purchase products to business and they can stake are tokens as well and earn passive income … another benefit of are use case !

The Native Token

The Ethereum version will be used as the form of payment. Once Ethereum 2.0 comes and no more gas fees this version will be used a lot more . This version of the token is called ”The Native Token”.

This version will have its own personal wallet eventually on the google store and apple App Store ! It will be used to swap ETH for UNIV , Receive and send tokens to merchants or consumers!

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0 M


0 M

Locked Away

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for Events & Donations

0 % 1% Burn 4% Liquidity 1% Holders

Transaction fee

The People`s Coin

Binance version is for the UNIV community . It has a limited supply because only the UNIVSQUAD will be the ones to own the tokens . It will be the token people will make the fast and easy gains and can see the price of this token hit high numbers ! This version of the token is called “ The peoples coin” because it will make the people rich.

The Binance version will have its own swap “Universal swap“ which will allow UNIVSQUAD members to exclusively trade BNB for UNIV . This swap will have only 37,000 UNIV. The Swap will have a staking feature where all holders can stake there UNIV and will earn more UNIV tokens or BNB!

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Locked Away

Q1 2022
The launch of Kyoshi Token

KYOSHI is the second token in the Universal Token ecosystem.

The Binance- based cryptocurrency was created by a pseudonymous founder Kyoshi G & intends to be used as a reward system used for all UNIV holders.

Our launch price is $5 per token

Q2 2022
Universal Movies

UNIVERSAL MOVIES is a crypto based platform where people can go and watch the newest movies and shows for free with ads or have cheap membership!

Q3 2022

New logo design, new website update. We will announce new projects and new clothing ideas.

Q4 2022

UNIVERSAL SWAP is UNIV Token`s own Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange, allowing buyers to trade UNIV for other BEP-20 cryptocurrencies. A safe place to exchange your valuable crypto while staying decentralized.

Q1 2023

Universal wallet - Launches on Android & IOS allowing users to Easily purchase and send UNIV or pay merchants that accept UNIV Token .

Q2 2023

Universal Marketplace - Our Very Own NFT Marketplace where Holders can exclusively purchase are limited NFTs!